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It's not just about horse transport

"There's no room for Cowboys when it comes to transporting your horse. Unfortunately for every competent and professional horse transport specialist there's another with a long list of dissatisfied customers. Transporting your horse is no game and CHT takes it's services very seriously. Transporting is a very stressful time for your horse, CHT acknowledge that and ensure that all horses in our care are provided with the individual handling they deserve. "

Why Choose Us

Here's a few reasons why you should choose CHT:
  • aCHT offers a professional equine transport approach whilst providing an unsurpassed level of horsemanship and handling skills ensuring that your horse makes it's trip with the utmost of care.
  • b Competitive rates combined with unparalleled service.
  • c Complete East-Coast and country service.

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Southern Highlands to Victoria Return

Leaving Monday 7th December
Return Tuesday.

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